"The Wheel Breaks the Butterfly..."


Depressed, anxious, psychotic insomniac. Don't judge me by what you see, you don't know my name or my story. Welcome to my story, welcome to my mind.

"How can you get to a place you don't believe in?"

"I have spent all my life resisting the desire to end it."
Franz Kafka, from Dearest Father: Stories and Other Writings tr. Ernst Kaiser and Eithne Wilkins   (via thewolfisrunning)

When is enough, enough?

"I dont want anyone to care about me. Leave me alone please."
fuck off (via razors-andblades)
"I failed as a student.
I failed as a daughter.
I failed as a girlfriend.
I failed as a human being."
a good representation of myself   (via horrid-child)
"Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours"
10 word story (via hiddeninstars)

That’s 24 hours too long

Absolutely fucking done. Done. Done. Done. 110% done this time.

I can’t, I FUCKING CAN’t

"I haven’t told my psychiatrist everything."
Midnight thoughts (six word story) (via we-dream-of-the-sea)
"But then again how is one broken person supposed to fix another broken person?"
maybe that’s why we never worked out . (via shes-breakingdown)

All 7 billion couldn’t hate me as much as I hate myself